Kelly: Olympic Weightlifting Athlete


When I started working with Pushakova Performance, I only had a few months of experience doing squats and deadlifts; before that, I had been sedentary for years. I had never attempted a snatch or a clean. Kristina’s coaching in weightlifting took me from a total newbie to a capable weightlifter in a matter of months using her sensible, effective, and extremely supportive methods. Just three months after she started coaching me I participated in my first local weightlifting meet. Since then, she’s coached me at several local and regional competitions, where I have been able to consistently perform and progress.

But Kristina didn’t only get me weightlifting, her programming has dramatically improved my strength and performance across all of my lifting and training. Her focus on continuing to build my strength base with long-term macrocycle planning and smart accessory work has proved invaluable in my athletic development. And her coaching has helped me outside the gym as well, with goal-setting, self-talk, and confidence building for weightlifting carrying over to my personal and professional life.

Finding Pushakova Performance has been life-changing for me. Kristina has helped me transform into an athlete — something I never thought I could do. I am proud to call her my coach, and thankful for everything I have learned from her!

Michele: Weightlifting Technique


I cannot thank Kristina enough for her knowledge and coaching. She always explained cues/corrections in a concise and effective manner that allowed me to absorb all of the info. She adapted her cues, drills, etc. to fit my individual needs and was always generous in making sure I felt like I was getting out of training everything that I put into it.