Below are some recipes that I enjoy. Each recipe has the # of servings and the amount of macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) in each serving. I am NOT a food blogger, chef, or professional photographer. I don’t eat “pretty” food, I eat food that tastes good (in my opinion) and allows me to reach my nutrition & performance goals. I cannot guarantee that you will like any of them, but if you do, please comment and let me know 🙂

All of the recipes are dairy and gluten-free.


Breakfast Bowl with a side of Berries


Ingredients for one serving: 2 Slices Applegate Uncured Sunday Bacon, 200g raw shredded sweet potato, 40g Olivia’s SautĂ© Blend, 2 Large Eggs, 8TSBP(~130g) Liquid Egg Whites, 150g Strawberries, 50g Blueberries

1: In a medium saucepan, cook the bacon. While bacon is cooking, shred your sweet potato.

2: When bacon is done, remove from pan and set aside. Put shredded sweet potato in pan with leftover bacon grease and cook over medium heat until crispy (~10 mins).

3: When sweet potato is done cooking, turn heat to low and add greens (greens cook up quickly). Once greens are cooked, remove sweet potato and greens from pan.

4: In saucepan, cook eggs + eggs whites to your liking. I like over-easy for this meal.

5: Chop cooked bacon, mix in with sweet potato + greens, place cooked eggs on top.

6: Wash + slice fruit. Enjoy!

MACRONUTRIENTS: 35g protein, 62g carbohydrates, 15g fat.

*for less carbs, decrease sweet potato or fruit. for more or less protein, add or subtract egg whites.

Everyday Weekday Breakfast: Oatmeal, Scrambled Eggs, Coffee



I have eaten the same thing for breakfast almost everyday for the last 3 years (weird I know, but…I like it and it makes me happy).

Ingredients for one serving: 62g gluten free rolled oats, 180mL unsweetened almond milk, 8g brown sugar, cinnamon, 2 large eggs, 8TBSP(~130g) liquid egg whites, 2 cups coffee, 30mL nutpods unsweetened/unflavored creamer in each cup of coffee.

1: pour oats into zeroed bowl on food scale until you hit 62g.

2: add 180mL unsweetened almond milk. microwave for 2 minutes.

3: spray small saucepan with coconut oil cooking spray, add eggs and egg whites (I scramble right in the pan with a spatula, rather than dirtying a bowl). frequently stir eggs with spatula until cooked. remove and sprinkle with S+P.

4: when oats are done cooking, place bowl on food scale and add 8g brown sugar. sprinkle with cinnamon.

5: put mug with coffee on food scale, pour 30mL nut pods creamer into mug and stir.

6: enjoy!

MACRONUTRIENTS: 36g protein, 50g carbohydrates, 17g fat


Shrimp Ceviche Tacos

Shrimp Ceviche #2  Shrimp Ceviche #3

Ingredients (for 3 servings):

1lb raw shrimp (peeled, deveined, chopped)

1/2-3/4 cup lime juice

½ Red Onion, diced (75 grams)

300 grams tomato, diced

2 ears of sweet corn, boiled (200g cut off cob)

1 Jalapeño Pepper, decided, de-seeded (35 grams)

1 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped

Sea Salt to taste

9 Corn Tortillas (La Banderita brand or similar)


1: Peel, devein, and chop shrimp

2: Place into glass container, add lime juice until shrimp are fully immersed

3: Marinate in fridge for 3-4 hours (acid from lime juice “cooks” the shrimp, you know it is done when the shrimp are pink in color)

4: While shrimp is in fridge, cook 2 ears of sweet corn & let cool

5: Remove corn from cob, chop/dice remainder of ingredients

6: When shrimp is done cooking, drain approximately half of the lime juice

7: Combine all ingredients together in a large bowl, portion into 3 equal servings

8:Serve on top of 3 corn tortillas (recommend heating in a pan), add any toppings of your liking

MACRONUTRIENTS: 26g protein, 54g carbohydrates, 4.5g fat,

Best Fucking Slaw Ever credit to Andrew Gill for the original recipe 

Slaw Best Fucking Slaw. JPG

Ingredients (for 4 servings):

340g shredded red cabbage

110g shredded carrots (matchsticks work too, but finely shredded is better)

300g shredded red bell pepper

1 TSBP (21g) Honey

1/3 TBSP (5g) Sesame Oil *some people LOVE sesame oil, feel free to add more but know that fat macros will go up

1 Bunch Fresh Cilantro, chopped

Fresh Grated Ginger *I LOVE ginger so I use a lot, adjust based on your preference

Sea Salt, to Taste

*optional: olive oil, scallions


1: Shred/chop all the veggies

2: Combine all ingredients in giant bowl, mix thoroughly

3: Portion into 4 equal servings

4: Serve on tacos with meat of your choice, great with pulled pork or as a snack (I like using nut thin/rice thin crackers to scoop the slaw! )

MACRONUTRIENTS: 2g protein, 18g carbohydrates, 2g fat

Coconut Rice credit to @feedingthefrasers for the original recipe

Coconut Rice

Pesto & Caper Summer Squash

Pesto Summer Squash

Banana Oat Bread (Or Muffins)

Banana Oat Bread BeFunky

Ingredients: (for 12 small slices)

3 brown bananas (300g)

2 large eggs

4 tbsp (60g) maple syrup

3.5 cups rolled oats (315g)

1 tsp baking soda

3 tbsp (45g) 65% Dark Chocolate Chunks

3 small tin foil bread tins (optional) or use muffin tin w/ liners


1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2: Spray tins with cooking spray or line muffin tin with liners

3: Blend all ingredients except chocolate in food processor

4: Portion out evenly into 3 foil tins (should be about 250g of batter in each tin)

5: Top each batter-filled tin with 15g of dark chocolate chunks

6: Bake in oven for 20-30 mins or until toothpick comes out clean

7: Each loaf=4 small slices

MACRONUTRIENTS: 5g protein, 29g carbohydrates, 4g fat

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Buffalo Chicken

Buff Chx & Sweet Pots

Ingredients  (for 5 servings):

400g boneless, skinless chicken breast

5-10 TBSP Franks Buffalo Sauce

675g raw diced sweet potato

1 TBSP coconut oil


1: Place raw chicken and buffalo sauce in crockpot on low for 3-4 hours

2: Preheat oven to 400 degrees

3: Dice sweet potato into very small cubes

4: Melt 1 TBSP coconut oil in microwave for 10-15 seconds

5: Toss sweet potatoes with melted coconut oil

6: Bake sweet potatoes on baking sheet for 20-30 mins, tossing halfway

7: After 3 hours in crockpot, remove chicken and shred with fork

8: Put chicken back in crockpot and allow to soak up buffalo sauce (30-45 mins)

9: Portion sweet potatoes and chicken evenly into 5 containers.

MACRONUTRIENTS: 18g protein, 28g carbohydrates, 5g fat

Curry Chicken and Vegetables over White Rice

Curry, Rice, Veg

Ingredients (for 5 servings):

225g raw weight jasmine rice

100g sweet onion

240g carrots (matchstick or shredded)

4 cups baby sauté blend

1 cup organic lite coconut milk

560g boneless, skinless chicken breast


1: Cook jasmine rice and set aside

2: Slice raw chicken into strips and cook in saucepan, remove once cooked

3: Chop onion & shred carrots, saute in saucepan ~10 mins

4: Combine cooked rice, veggies, chicken, coconut milk, and saute blend in large saucepan. Add curry spice blend (I sprinkled in curry powder) and simmer for 10-15 mins.

5: Portion evenly into 5 containers

MACRONUTRIENTS: 26g protein, 43g carbohydrates, 7g fat

Taco Bowl Version 1

Taco Bowl V1

Ingredients (for 5 servings):

1lb 96% lean Ground Beef

560g raw sweet potato, diced

1oz sweet onion

100g poblano pepper

420g red bell pepper

4 cups spinach

1 packet Simply Organic Taco Sauce


1: Preheat oven to 400 degree, dice sweet potato into small cube and bake 20-30 mins, tossing halfway.

2: Chop onion and peppers.

3: Saute onions and peppers in large saucepan over med-low heat (5-10 mins)

4: Remove peppers from pan.

5: Cook ground beef thoroughly in pan.

6: Combine beef, onions, peppers, spinach, and taco sauce in pan. Simmer for ~5 mins.

7: Portion roasted sweet potatoes evenly into 5 containers. Top evenly with mixture from saucepan.

MACRONUTRIENTS: 22g protein, 34g carbohydrates, 5g fat

Sushi Bowl 

Picture coming soon!

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

45g raw weight Jasmine Rice

1 can solid white tuna in water, drained (can also used canned salmon, make sure to get the boneless kind!!)

1.5 TBSP Aioli/Mayo (I used Simple Truth Organic Red Pepper Aioli)

40g matchstick carrots

40g peeled & chopped cucumber

2 oz Medium Spicy Kimchi (I use Sonja’s Kimchi, made in Waterbury, VT)

15g pickled sushi ginger


1: Cook jasmine rice and set aside to cool

2: Peel & chop cucumber

3: Mix aioli/mayo into tuna

4: Place rice in bottom of bowl, top with tuna or salmon, carrots, cucumbers, kimchi, and ginger. Enjoy!

*as always, get creative, switch up the veggies, add some avocado, use fresh fish, etc.!

MACRONUTRIENTS: 32g protein, 47g carbohydrates, 10g fat

Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasted Veggies

Ingredients (for 4 servings):

865g Celery Root

700g Carrots

1TSBP Olive Oil


1: Preheat oven to 375-400 degrees

2: Peel Celery Root & Carrots

3: Chop veggies evenly into 1/2″ pieces

4: Place chopped veggies in bowl, weigh

5: Add 1 TSBP (15ml) of olive to bowl and coat veggies

6: Lay veggies flat on baking sheet

7: Cook 20-35 mins (depending on how small you chopped your veggies), flipping halfway

MACRONUTRIENTS: 6g protein, 37g carbohydrates, 4g fat

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup 

Thai Coconut Soup BeFunky.jpg

Ingredients (for 5 servings):

20oz boneless, skinless chicken breast

3.5 cups low sodium chicken broth

1 can (1.5 cups) lite coconut milk

1/2 tsp fish sauce

2 tsp chili garlic sauce (Huy Fong brand, international section)

4 tsp lemongrass paste (or fresh lemongrass)

4 tsp ginger paste (or 2-3 tbsp fresh grated ginger)

2 containers (250g) shiitake mushrooms

6oz rice noodles (A Taste of Thai or Comparable)


1: Chop chicken breast into small cubes, cook in saucepan

2: Add all ingredients besides rice noodles to large pot and simmer on low for 5-10 minutes (until mushrooms are cooked)

3: Add rice noodles, cook for an additional 3-5 minutes until noodles are cooked through

4: Portion into 5 equal servings!

MACRONUTRIENTS: 27g protein, 33g carbohydrates, 10.5 g fat

Red Cabbage & Apples 

Red Cabbage & Apples BeFUNKY.jpg


Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato Curry

Turkey Curry

Ingredients (for 5 servings):

.5 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 sweet onion (60g) chopped

100g red bell pepper, chopped (if you like spice, add serrano or jalepeno)

1 lb 99% lean ground turkey

1 cup low sodium chicken broth

1 can (1.5 cups) lite coconut milk

3 tsp ginger paste (or 2-3 tbsp fresh grated ginger)

1-2 tsp chili garlic sauce (Huy Fong brand, international section)

1 tbsp tomato paste

1/2-1 tsp turmeric

1-2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp cumin

1-2 tsp chili powder

1 tsp curry powder

665g chopped sweet potatoes (smaller size=cooks faster)


1: Chop sweet potatoes and set aside

2: Chop onion & peppers, add to large saucepan with coconut oil, cook 3-5 mins

3: Add turkey to pan and cook through

4: Transfer turkey, onions, & peppers to a medium pot, add all remaining ingredients & mix

5: Cook 20-30 minutes (until sweet potatoes are cooked thoroughly)

6: Optional: add some veggies/leafy greens (peas, asparagus, broccoli, kale, etc!)

MACRONUTRIENTS: 26g protein, 31g carbohydrates, 9g fat