Coaching Experience

Weightlifting Coach & Sport Science Assistant ETSU Weightlifting

(Johnson City, TN)

Coaching members of the ETSU Weightlifting Club was one of my biggest sources of joy while living in Tennessee. Plainly, beginners are my favorite to work with…especially those that have never lifted a weight in their life. The initial stages of motor skill learning are incredibly important, laying down the technical foundation that they will build upon is a privilege I am honored to have. On top of coaching club members, I was fortunate to work with fellow S&C coaches and international interns who were hungry for hands on experience with the lifts and derivatives they intended to use with their future athletes.

I also assisted with the athlete monitoring efforts made by the Sport Science Staff for ETSU’s Olympic Training Site weightlifting team. This role required almost daily instrument calibration, data collection, analysis, and timely return to coaches. Our testing included the isometric mid-thigh pull, static and countermovement jumps, body composition, and ultrasound to measure block-to-block changes in cross sectional area, muscle thickness, and pennation angles.

Strength & Conditioning Coach ETSU (Johnson City, TN) 2018-2019


Shortly after beginning my master’s degree, I began assisting with the implementation of S&C programs for some of our Division I athletes (Baseball, W Soccer, Softball). The bulk of my work lie with the baseball team, aiding post-operative athletes in their return-to-play protocols. I had a blast finding ways to challenge them and build camaraderie in a group that often felt discouraged by the long, monotonous rehab process. Coaching in this environment challenged me to develop leadership skills that contributed to the multi-year progression of each athlete while guiding them towards increasingly autonomous behaviors.

Weightlifting Coach LSU Shreveport: USAW Development Center (Shreveport, LA)


Working under Dr. Kyle Pierce in Shreveport was one of the most empowering experiences I’ve had as a developing coach. Going into this experience, I had never worked with kids and felt determined to fill this gap in my skill-set. Kyle traveled often, leaving me responsible for day-to-day gym operations, supervision, program implementation and guidance. This was just what I needed..opening and closing the doors each day, being thrust into running a weightlifting meet, teaching young kids how to manage workloads and more importantly, resolve conflict with peers while developing a more confident sense of self. Missin’ you, Louisiana FAM (cockroaches not included 😉 )!

Weightlifting Coach Pushakova Performance (Burlington, VT)


In early 2017, I was contacted by someone interested in learning Weightlifting (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) and I agreed to help. I quickly realized that coaching Weightlifting is incredibly fun…seeing an athlete’s eyes light up after a mental or physical skill ‘clicks’ after endless hours of practice brings me pure joy.

I feel fortunate to work closely with athletes across multiple age categories (juniors, seniors, and masters). All of whom have unique goals, differing levels of strength and power, and various athletic movement skills. Using a holistic approach, I aim to develop heightened physical and psychological awareness through training that sequentially develops strength-power characteristics while targeting the improvement of individual weaknesses.

Athlete Kelly R, Gold Medal in 69kg Class at Local Weightlifting Meet (Essex, VT)

Coach Threshold Training (South Burlington, VT)


In October 2017, I had the honor of joining a team of like-minded, uniquely qualified professionals to deliver high quality individual and group training. I lead athletes through training sessions aimed towards developing various abilities that will allow them to perform better in their sport(s) of choice or to achieve personal health, wellness, and/or body composition goals.

During my time at CFTT, I’ve spear-headed the creation of additional educational opportunities for clients, including a nutrition seminar and multiple weightlifting clinics.

My favorite class to coach is Strength & Skill on Saturday mornings! I love starting my day by helping others move towards more efficient technique in both basic and highly coordinated movement patterns. As a coach, I aim to bring vibrancy to every class. By tuning into each athlete’s unique goals and gifts, I strive to provide individualized guidance that allows each person to achieve success within our collective training environment.


Strength & Conditioning Intern Center of Excellence for Sport Science & Coach Education (Johnson City, TN)


This 2 month summer (2017) internship radically revealed my personal and professional aspirations. On a simplistic level, I was exposed to various research projects and athlete monitoring technologies (e.g. force plates, potentiometers, EMG, etc.). All of that is trivial in comparison to the people I met. I was able to watch world class athletes train for Bobsled, Skeleton, Luge, and Weightlifting, some of whom went on to compete (and medal) at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The privilege to stand beside their coaches as they strategically cued and directed the development of each athlete was a true gift.

My gratitude for the mentors and friends that I gained at the Center of Excellence is infinite. These people hold a special place in my heart and I wouldn’t be half the coach (or athlete) that I am today without their guidance.

Analyzing force-time curves in the Sport Science Lab at the CESSCE

Athletic Performance Intern University of Vermont (Burlington, VT)


This is where my coaching journey began in June 2016. I was given the opportunity to practice coaching as soon as I walked through the doors. This experiential learning environment allowed me to practice various coaching tactics with a diverse range of athletes across sports with unique bioenergetic demands.

Each coach I have worked alongside has contributed to my growing understanding of training principles, methodologies, and coaching philosophies. Many of the subsequent coaching opportunities I’ve had blossomed out of this foundational experience.



  • Master of Science, Applied Sport Science East Tennessee State University 2019
  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Movement Science University of Vermont 2018
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Level 1 Sport Performance Coach USA Weightlifting
  • Level 1 Coach USA Track & Field 
  • CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers with First Aid American Red Cross
  • Level 1 Trainer CrossFit 
  • Gymnastics Trainer CrossFit 
  • Weightlifting Trainer CrossFit